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Published Courses

In addition to traditional web development projects, I have been fortunate to produce several instructional courses for Pluralsight - the technology skills platform to build in-demand tech skills with access to thousands of expert-led videos courses, downloadable content, certification prep, and more.

  • Practical Data Modeling with C# and SQL

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    A good data model can be the difference between a successful, manageable application and one that breaks with every change request. This course will walk through the design of a practical data model that is refined through each module.

  • Creating Server-Side Excel Workbooks

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    Developers often need to be able to provide data from their web applications in Excel format for users to interact with. This course explores several ways to make creating Excel workbooks on the server very simple.

  • Introduction to Inverted Triangle CSS

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    The CSS you write for your web projects can become hard to manage. This course introduces you to Inverted Triangle CSS, a methodology for writing structured, organized CSS that is easy to manage and maintain.

The expertise covered in these courses can be applied to your projects. Contact us to find out how!